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Calendar View

Allow data to be displayed in a Calendar View, (Premium View) , ideally as a month calendar view and a weekly , daily calendar view with the ability to scroll forward and back to prior or upcoming periods.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  AdminZack Katz (President, Katz Web Services, Inc.) responded  · 

    Hi everyone! We’re planning on implementing the Calendar View functionality, and would love to know more about how you want to display entries in a calendar.

    Please add comments below and answer these questions, so we can make the plugin great for you!

    What do you expect the plugin to achieve?

    If the plugin used this layout and functionality, would it work for you? Why or why not?

    Would you like to integrate this calendar functionality with any other plugin or Gravity Forms add-on? If so, which ones?

    Please share what kinds of events will be shown on the calendar.

    Do you have examples of calendars that do precisely what you want yours to do? Please share them.


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this. We use Gravity Forms/Gravity Views/Gravity Workflow for planned releases and events. I would love to be able to add workflows to a calendar view.

      • Asim Jasic commented  · 

        Excellent Idea +1 for the calendar view

      • Bryan commented  · 

        I would love a Calendar view of all my employees, be able to filter by employee to show things like PTO, Tasks Assigned ect... similar to the Bookly plugin - https://www.booking-wp-plugin.com/ i will buy a Galactic license today if this was available! has there been any progess on this feature?

      • David Curtiss commented  · 

        Would love to have a calendar view! Do you have a fund for this development we can donate to?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 for Calendar & GravityFlow integration

      • Aaron P commented  · 

        I am new to GravityView and this would be a great addition to have on our company website. We require our employees to write a daily report for their projects. We currently use CPTs and posts to accomplish this on our website. Our Supervisors manage multiple employees and projects who need to make sure each employee is submitting their daily reports. It would be nice to show a calendar with the employee's name on each day that they have submitted their daily report. This would allow the Supervisors to visually make sure the reports were being submitted by each employee. Also they would be able to click on an employee's name for any day to review their reports. I am hoping this plugin will be released soon.

      • Warren Deer commented  · 

        Gravity flow Integration for sure - teams calender for workflow would be an amazingly useful feature.
        Also timesheeting use. plus project management use - really you could do a lot of things with this, I was actually just thinking of developing a calendar thing I'm sure this would shave a lot of time off my efforts.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Is there an expected completion date for this feature?
        I’m currently achieving a similar solution by submitting a custom post to Events Calendar pro. This works well but if gravity view could handle the calendar aspect then it would simplify the process.
        I look forward to this feature as I’m sure many others will.

      • Rubin commented  · 

        Would love to have this feature. Need it to show entry/posts based on a date field and if possible even a custom date field type (not the publish date as most calendar plugins show).
        Would make it easier to create a custom booking system for example. Great feature.

      • Rebecca Hatton commented  · 

        Is there any new news on this feature please?

        I have a site set-up as an intranet and use gravity forms, gravity view and gravity flow for a leave process (amongst other things).

        The user logs the date they are off from and to. It would be great for the leave to show on the calendar once its 'approved' (a gravity flow status), and filterable by form fields (office, team etc. These are passed from users profile to the relevant fields when user submits the form).

        have had many people ask if they can see the leave in calendar format!


      • Brice sloan commented  · 

        I would use this functionality to display reports by our techs

      • Akter Hosen commented  · 

        Please do this... I need this feature badly. I would like to show a birthday calendar which will be populated from a date field.

      • siwax commented  · 

        Excellent feature.

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